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Welcome to Being Human Confessions. This blog will anonymously post any confessions left in the askbox about the show; so feel free to get confessing! The right hand navigation sidebar will take you through anything you wish to know, and I hope you enjoy this blog!



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okay so I literally just found these, and as with last time I’m sticking them together because I don’t want to spam too much but I’m sorry guys I really am. I’m trying to make it up for it this time by not stopping until I’ve actually queued them all or at least reached the post limit (which will happen first). But as ever your messages are an endless source of amusement to me so thanks.

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Anonymous: AAH! I havent seen any of your posts in ages! YAY!! Nice to see you again....your blog always seems like the centre of the BH fandom to me :P *tries to maintain cool and not be the creepy anon who loves you*

omg ‘centre of the BH fandom’ is seriously such an honour, it’s so heart-warming that you feel that way, thank you!

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Anonymous: Not a confession obviously, but I'm so glad you're back! <3

thankyou! Hopefully I can get a lot more done this time, there’s still about 150 left :/

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